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Episode 12 - In Grief

May 20th, 2019

In this episode, I'm chatting to Kit aka @kitcando and Steph aka @thebusinesstherapist and the topic is grief. 

Grief isn't a topic that is freely chatted about which can leave us feeling isolated when in grief or ill-prepared to support loved ones when we are bystanders of someone else's grief (I fall into that category) 

It's an uncomfortable conversation I really wanted to have so that I could understand the process of grief better, and so that anyone who is 'in' grief, feels less alone

This chat could be triggering for some, we talk about Kit's recent loss of her Dad and how she's processing the early months and the year of firsts and we talk about Stephs loss of her sister 24 years on and the positives she finally feels when thinking of her experience. 

I recognise that grief can come in many forms and chat briefly about them too, I share how I felt around the grief of my physical loss (miscarriage) and my emotional loss (divorce and my relationship with my mother).

You may want to get the tissues, this is a real conversation with a whole range of emotions from the sad to the enlightening to the carefully placed jokes.