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Episode 13 - Breaking the Insta Divide

May 29th, 2019

I bagged myself one of those influencers for this episode, didn’t I.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with me old mate Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka - Author of Parenting the Sh*t Out of Life, Radio Presenter, Grazia columnist, TEDx speaker and campaigner for Flexible working for all.

I’ve know Anna IRL for a while now and we often talk about the bullshit spectrum of Instagram, the hierarchal domain of what is ultimately just a bunch of human guinea pigs who seem to have become a divided state of them, (influencer), and us, (normos), and so it felt natural for us both to open this conversation and share how it looks from either side.

On the podcast I shared what I learned about myself from having called out the influencers last year (seeking validation of them, putting them up on the pedestals that they had never asked to be put upon, and how we shouldn’t build expectations of people who are essentially strangers), and Anna shared how she has shifted in her Insta seat over the last few years through natural growth, and her own lessons around sharing on the gram (of which some came as really fucking tough and painful lessons, she took personal umbrage with being called a c*nt with no context, shes perfectly clear that she’s open to the idea of her being a c*nt, but there’s gotta be context babe).

Basically our aim is to break down some divides and remind others that regardless of lifestyle, background, class, colour or gender, there isn’t one human on this planet that is exempt from a full life experience, and that includes all the pain and the joy, and to remind us that if we were more open to listening and learning from others then we would all be living in a more humbling environment.