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Episode 22 - Stories of domestic abuse

July 25th, 2019

**Trigger Warning** 

In this episode, I am joined by the beautiful and the brave Kate aka @tribe.of.savages

Kate, like myself, left a relationship of domestic abuse and openly shares her experience to help others. 

Our stories are slightly different in that mine ended with physical abuse after many years of emotional abuse, and Kate's was intimidation, emotional and coercive but both stories are stories that are happening all day every day and not just to women. 

We talked openly about what these relationships did to us, why we didn't 'just leave' as soon as it started, the incredibly underestimated difficulties that come from leaving and why nobody around us could have helped us. 

I thought it was really important that we also shared a bit about how scary and frustrating it can be to watch a friend or loving living with DV and what's the best ways for us to support them.

*spoiler, at the end of the conversation I got pretty choked up, still triggered 10 years on.

Please read this blog for signs to look for that yours or another's relationship may be coercive.  

And reach out if you need extra support or help in leaving, you're not alone, people can and will help. 

Womensaid - 24 hour support - 0808 2000 247